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21 April 2011

Resurrection! A night of old school goth, punk and alternative!

Just a one off this year guys.... but something Nottingham has been after for a few months now!

A Good Friday one off special old school goth, punk, pop punk and alternative night where DJ's Urban Cannibal, Gadge Europa and special guests to be announced later this week have a flick through the record collection of any self respecting 'goffik' back in the day and play you the best things we find.

From Bauhaus to Blondie, Sisters to Specimin, Pistols to Prunes... you get the idea. Pretty much anything thats shaped, influenced and formed goth music from the proto days of post punk through to the last gasps of Gothic Rock before EBM took over many clubs.

What we *wont* be doing is any electronic based music or industrial of the era - that's for the 'machine nation' nights later in the year.

Optional theme for this one of 'cruel clergy'... so make of that what you will ;)

Usual 'nightmare' hours and prices but i have to stress this *isnt* a return of Nightmare per se... more the Nightmare boys getting back to their roots... dark rotting roots a good six feet undergound!

STOP PRESS: We're pleased to announce Dan Glitterhawk and Ashe Heathen Wright superstar DJs from Dirty Filthy Sexy are our guest DJs for Ressurection

So the details....

Date: Good Friday, 22nd April (yes thats a FRIDAY not a saturday)
Times: 9pm til 3am
Admit: £5
Dress code: Goth, punk, deathrock, alternative... hardly needs saying does it? Or mix it up a bit with out 'Cruel Clergy' theme...

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